Want to make your ads more appealing? Start using ad extensions and give your ads more prominence on SERP. Ad extensions not only help in improving CTR but also reduces your CPC. In this article we will be discussing in detail each of the ad extensions and when and how should we use them.

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Sitelinks Extensions

Sitelinks are feature in Google Ads that help you provide additional links to specific page apart from landing page on your website. It appears in ads at top and bottom of Google search result. When you enter the top positions on Google Ads, it not only gives substantial boost to CTR but also improves your Quality Score and reduces your CPC.

For e.g. – By adding Sitelinks you can direct people to pages related to your store location, showcase your special offers, highlight specific product page you want to focus on etc.

Sitelinks are limited to 25 characters in most languages, or 12 characters in double-width languages.

Call Extensions

Call extension helps your customers to call you directly from your ad. Unlike other ad extensions, searchers can reach you directly on the search result without the need of taking them to the website.

This contact number should be exactly the same number provided on your website. The phone number should be the local number of the country which you are targeting. Also Google doesn’t allow fax, premium or vanity numbers which includes letters.

Call Reporting - It is available only on search network. When call reporting is turned on, Google Ads uses a Google forwarding phone number to track the performance of your extension, hence helping you gather data about the call.

For e.g. –

call extensions

Location Extensions

Location extensions allows you to add location data to your ad. It was recently observed that roughly 20% of the searches on Google are for local information and roughly 40 percent of mobile searches are after local info.

Location extensions are vital addition that can greatly enhance the performance of your PPC Campaign. If you are local business, using location and call extension can be of great use. Location extensions will not show everytime your ad is shown, this could be due to poor Adrank.
For e.g. - Monica has a chain of pizza shops, and she wants her customers, located near her location, to find her. She targets two mile radius around her location extension addresses. So her ads can appear for people nearby when they search for “pizza shop” or other keywords in Monica’s ad campaign.

App Extensions

App extensions allows you to add a link of your app below the ad. You can also create mobile optimized app extensions to show on mobile devices. So it is much easier for people to directly click the link and download the app.

app extensions

Review Extensions

Guess how nice it could be if you can show reviews of your customers to others who are looking for the products or services? Yes... you can do this with the help of review extension.

Google has set certain rules for the third party website that can be used to show reviews -

• The site should be easily accessible to the users i.e. users should be able to view the reviews without logging in to the account.
• Paid endorsements aren’t allowed.
• Reviews that don’t require extra clicks, such as opening a PDF or video, in order to access the review content.
• No aggregate reviews and rankings from user review sites – these should be saved for seller ratings, instead!

App extensions

Structured Snippet Extensions

Using structured snippet extension you can showcase specific feature of your product and services. It makes it easy for the visitors to easily preview the range of products and services they offer.

Structured snippets are similar to callout extensions in the same way as they are not clickable. Also there are 12 predetermined header listed below –
• Amenities
• Brands
• Courses
• Degree programs
• Destinations
• Featured hotels
• Insurance coverage
• Models
• Neighborhoods
• Service catalog
• Shows
• Styles
• Types

Once you have selected the header, you can add Upto 10 values (min 4) with character limit of 25.

For e.g. - From below ad visitors can get a preview of different shoe types and help them decide whether to click on ad or not –

Structured snippet

Callout Extension

Callout extension lets you add additional detailed information about your business, including products and services you offer. It helps you promote popular or unique aspects of your business.
Though callouts and structured snippets look similar, they are slightly different. With callout extension you highlight what makes your business products or services unique whereas with structured snippet you highlight specific aspect of your product and services you offer.
Callout extensions can be 25 characters long but Google recommends to keep it short Upto 10- 12 characters. It has been tested and proved by Google that callouts in sentence case perform better than those in title case.

• For e.g. – Free shipping, 100% satisfaction, Local Plumbers Since 1947.

callout extension

Price Extensions

Google earlier this month has announced a new ad extension for its advertisers. It shows the list of products related to your search with their price. The list also includes clickable header, a description which is 25 characters long. Price can be qualified with a unit of per hour, day and week, month or year from the menu. The final URL is the landing page associated with the extension.

Important eligibility details -
• Currently price extensions are only shown on mobiles.
• Also, they are only available in English at this point.
• As of now ads in top ad position is only eligible for price extensions.

price extension