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Private Label PPC Management

White Label PPC - Outsource PPC - PPC Reseller

Search engine marketing not only gets you the relevant traffic for your business but also lets you know who your prospective customers are, helps you retarget past visitors, reach customers at specific locations, promoting your business across the world. Anyone can get traffic to your website, but doing it effectively and efficiently is important. Outsource SEM can help you achieve your goals in a hassle free manner. We provide complete reseller white label services to PPC agencies worldwide.

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Benefits of PPC

reach targeted audience

Reach Targeted Audience

The PPC campaigns are customized according to the geographic location and demography. The audience to which the Ads are to be targeted can be easily achieved through it. There is also an option to expand your reach as desired. It helps to get better sales and leads.

increase expenses

Revenue Generation

Getting work done at a rapid pace with proper quality helps you to generate good amount of revenue. Completion of work on time will help you to maintain your customers which in turn helps to increase your brand value.

immediate results

Immediate Results

Users are increasing day by day on the internet. So, your Ads reaches the audience quickly and results are achieved at a rapid pace. Whether you are launching a new product or doing re-marketing. PPC campaigns give instant gratification.

Outsource PPC Approach and Strategies

Encyclopedic Keyword Research

Choosing the right keyword for your PPC campaign can bring a great difference in terms of performance. Outsource SEM’s search specialist select the top performing keywords, which are relevant to your landing page.

Regular Performance Analysis

PPC campaigns requires periodic analysis of performing keywords, ad copies, tracking your ROI etc. Outsource SEM creates a monthly report for your clients allowing them to analyze their value for investment.

Landing Page Analysis

Landing Pages are like shoe lace, where chances of falling down are few when tied properly. Same way relevant & attractive landing pages, will increase customer retention. Outsource SEM ensures that your website is attractive & easy to navigate.

Attractive Ad Creation

Relevant and eye catching Ads gets you more clicks, which means more optimized adcopy has better ad ranks and will have good quality score which is crucial for better CPC and ad exposure. Our creative approach helps us to convert clicks to leads for you.

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What we do that makes us different with our White Label PPC Reseller Services

Market Research & Competitive Analysis

We do extensive market research to understand the current market landscape. This is mostly in terms of demographic demands and keywords' traffic. Further to check that the current services and methods adopted on the audited website are relevant or not. We also do comprehensive competitive analysis using different methods through high end analysis tools. We try to understand and differentiate your competitors marketing strategies, their paid marketing spends, traffic share, etc. This gives an insight idea about competitors' and helps us to be one step ahead. Competitive analysis is done in detail and multiple competitors are considered for analysis.

PPC Campaign Analysis

Auditing of the current PPC campaigns to understand what's going wrong and how to improve them is a major part of our working pattern. This is very time consuming as most of the work is manually done. Every aspect of the campaign setup is critically considered, from keywords' relevancy to Ad copies. Moreover, evaluation of landing page, bidding, campaign strategies, remarketing audience list, defining conversion and code implementation is covered. We look for issues that are critical to campaign performance. Focusing on current traffic based on demographic & geographic locations, helps in figuring out the components that forms a part of competition analysis.

Go to Market Strategy

We provide GTM strategy to our clients who are unfamiliar with PPC and are planning to venture into new business or start-ups. We also help companies in testing new ideas, products and services and provide a customized plan/blueprint that can be followed for better results. It has all the great ideas & channels that you can look for likewise campaign budgets, cost estimation, extensive market research, current competitive landscape, keyword research and traffic estimation. Strategies from shopping ads to remarketing - everything forms part of the report. Just to mention all this is done keeping in mind the different paid channels - Google Ads, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.


Additional Services


Report is a mandatory part of any campaign. It helps in representation of data and analysing its various parts. It becomes more important when work is outsourced. To get a proper idea on work progress, service providers give well described progress report.


We optimize website and campaigns. In web optimization, your entire website is optimized to run as efficiently as possible. Whereas, PPC campaign optimization helps in monitoring your campaign performance and improves your data to get better outcomes.


Re-marketing helps you to reach your past visitors. Encouraging them for purchasing your products and services. Thus, it will help in promoting your product brands, enhancing sales activity, increasing purchase and much more. It plays a vital role in maintaining customers’ loyalty.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads give you a detailed information about various products & services on different websites. It is more than search ads as it is comprising of product image and its description. It helps customers to search for products among e-commerce sites & to compare price lists between those vendors.

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A Google AdWords™ Premier Partner 

We have a team of Google certified professionals who are always ready to help clients in managing digital marketing campaigns smoothly. Our experts will support you in the following services so that you can handle your clients easily.

Search Ads

Ads that are displayed on web pages through different search queries.

Mobile Ads

Type of Ads that are easily compatible with high end mobile devices.

Display Ads

These are image based ads found on various display networks.

Video Ads

Use of short videos to target audience on content based network sites and YouTube.

100% White Label PPC

Our PPC reseller services are 100% white label, as you will be directly handling clients, talking to them while our PPC experts will be taking care of all the operational part. We will be creating work templates specific to your requirements. The reporting dashboards, analysis deck will all be customized to your branding needs.

Process Based Management

We are a process based company and all our work is driven in a very structured manner. Through our project management tool all the work completed, in-process and pending can easily be checked for updates. All documents, decks, reporting dashboards are available for review anytime.

Certified Search Specialists

We have a team of certified PPC experts, who understand search marketing like back of their hand. They are proficient in different functionalities of PPC - Search and Display ads. They work with different teams in tandem to make sure that all requirements related to design, coding etc. are taken care of hassle free. 

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