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Outsource PPC & SEO Benefits

In today’s world, geographical boundaries have lost their significance, the world has become a global village. In this new era, to remain competitive you need to provide better solution at affordable cost. Hence, outsourcing has become pertinent.

You get certified experts at fractional cost
You will avail advantages of partnering with certified agency
Effective team that can manage both Search engine marketing and optimization (SEO, SEM/PPC) campaigns
Proactive in approach and prompt response in communication
Quality in service and meeting deadlines
We enable you to reduce cost and reinvest in growth
A long term relationship – Partners

white label sem PPC outsourcing service

How to choose a good white label service provider?

PPC/SEO experts

The service providers should have experts who can manage PPC and SEO campaigns with ease. They should be certified as well. The training must be imparted to them on time to time basis. They should follow an ethical work process.

White label

The service provider should be providing white label deliverable as it helps in client retention and the branding remains intact. The important data and information should be kept secure. The budget should be customised as per need.


When the work is outsourced, there should be constant exchange of data and information. The reports and analysis helps in looking upon the progress of work in a better way. The service provider should provide high quality reports for this purpose.

Customer support

There should be a 24*7 customer support team which can respond to queries. The team should be able to provide all the relevant information. Generally, the service provider which provides good customer support should be preferred.

About Outsource SEM

Outsource SEM is a part of Megistron Media’s white label reseller initiative. Megistron Media is one of the leading digital outsourcing partner. which is into inbound marketing consulting. We have a team of certified search experts who work for clients across the globe. We have reseller programs for all kinds of client requirements, who are looking for experts in SEM/PPC, SEO, Web Analytics, Website Design & Development, and Social Media Marketing/ Optimization.

The most prominent part of our service is that we never speak with our reseller partner’s clients directly; our SEO and PPC reseller services are secure. We sign NDA furthermore that we do not accept individual Clients and accounts on board; we ensure we are not your competitors. Our low cost services are made for agencies like big SEO and PPC Company.

About outsource sem
ppc services

White Label PPC Services

We provide 100% white label PPC services and are Google premier partners. The experts here have a good amount of experience in handling PPC campaigns. We keep a constant check on the performance of campaign through daily, weekly and monthly analysis reports. The ad copies created by us are attractive and relevant to the subject. Landing pages are made pertinent to the ads. The keyword research is done keeping in mind the website and contents related to it. By outsourcing to us, you can keep all your ad campaigns worries aside. We will make sure that campaigns run effectively.

White Label SEO Services

Our competitive investigation and research will take your website at top of the rankings and help it gain better traffic. The SEO services are white label. An extensive keyword research is done using various SEO tools. After research, the effective keywords are identified and mapped upon relevancy. We get relevant backlinks by applying proper techniques. Also, the strategies formulated by us can help in making your website better in terms of structure and content. Getting displayed on top of the SERP is a lengthy process. By outsourcing to us, you can achieve better results in a short period of time.

white label seo outsourcing service

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Analysis & Reports

web analytics

Revenue Report

For any ad campaign, revenue generation is essential. The reports related to revenue are given here. It helps to keep a track of clicks, impressions, CTR and the revenue gained respectively. The data is evaluated on weekly and monthly basis. It will guide you in taking necessary decisions for the upcoming ad campaigns. You can implement the required changes to make your ads work better.

web analytics report

Weekly and Monthly Report

The reports are made for weeks and months with respect to present and last year. The data is represented here with separate colors that helps in doing comparison of components in ad campaigns. It also provides an overall and proper analysis of the ad campaign. A regular check on the progress of ad campaigns is necessary as the budget can be adjusted accordingly.

web analytics device

Device Segmentation

The reports also contains analysis with respect to devices. It is divided into various types such as desktop, mobile and tablet. You can easily get to know about the users who were on the website and which content interested them. The content can then be changed and adjusted in order to make it compatible for that device. This helps to gain a better audience reach and know the consumer’s interest.

Why PPC & SEO Outsourcing

  • Economically Beneficial
  • Domain Expertise
  • Performance Based
  • Scalability
  • Our White Label SEO & PPC Reseller Services are Economically Beneficial

    The baseline of all business is profitability so you need to see the fixed and variable cost while doing it in-house rather than outsourcing. As hiring employees is usually very expensive and in today's competitive environment cutting cost in regards to resources and redundant processes would finally define how successful you are! So, keeping this in context it needs to be seen how beneficial is having an in-house operations team for your company? We all understand some work is cheaper to outsource than to do in-house. Today if you Outsource SEO and PPC projects the cost may considerably be lower than what you may incur doing it in-house. What we provide is low price affordable Private label PPC and SEO reseller services.

    Now the obvious question how we can offer such low prices? Being part of the developing world the cost of services and products are considerably lower in US. This is a well-known fact nothing new about it. The low cost of resources gives us an opportunity to provide cost effective outsourcing SEO and PPC solutions to our partners. Though this may not be universally true in regards to other companies in US. We take great care in recruitment & training of our team. The team consists of specialists with relevant experience in their designated domain. We have customized packages for all kinds of client requirements and the competitive cost is specifically meant for agency partners rather than individual customers.

  • Years of Experience in Providing White Label PPC & SEO Solutions

    We have years of experience in providing private label SEO and PPC solutions to our partners. One of the important reasons for us being a reliable partner is that we are the domain experts. We keep up with the best practices which requires time and dedication including participating in training, forums and updating us through different online journals, blogs on regular basis. We have managed more than 500+ projects and have 100+ satisfied clients. We provide full SEO and PPC campaign management once you hand over the project, from set-up to reporting it is all our responsibility. Our performance speaks for our client retention which has also lead to our recognition as AdWords™ premier partner. 

    Our optimization methods are based on manual execution which includes keyword research, ad-creation, off-page submissions, on-page changes and reporting. Having said that we also make extensive use of high end paid tools to analyze the client's website, competitors and our existing campaigns. This gives us an understanding as to what competitors are working on, their online marketing strategy (SEO and PPC) and issues pertaining our own campaign. There are things that should be done manually and things that can be automated, we make use of both respectively. All our specialists are certified professionals who specialize in their respective domains. 

  • Performance Based White Label PPC & SEO Reseller Program

    We provide small duration as well as long duration PPC and SEO contracts, we usually work on month to month basis. There are no obligations that should worry you. While starting the contract, we work out a plan, we discuss the KPI's for the campaign and the road map/course of action for the project duration. Our SEO and PPC project targets are set initially and evaluated periodically based on ROI, conversion, traffic etc. 

    We make sure that the set targets are achieved in the stipulated duration or we work for free until it is. We also offer refund if the client requests (but it has never come to that extent). The way we work is to understand the SEO and PPC campaign scope, research for relevant keywords, plan a detailed strategy, do a gap analysis, generating content/creatives, execution and then optimizing.

  • Our White Label SEO & PPC Partners Program are Scalable

    If you have an in-house PPC and SEO team then scalability is always an issue, let me tell you why. You won’t hire an employee until you are certain that you have sufficient work for him related to his expertise. Also, you need to keep in mind that in near future there will be a continues flow of work for him. This is a big constrain for a small and mid-sized companies because you cannot hire a specialist if you have one or two related project. The reason would be obvious it may end up being a costly deal overall.

    Well this is not the case in outsourcing SEO and PPC reseller services, you can push as many projects as possible to us. Capacity building, hiring and maintaining employees is our headache and if you think this may affect quality then hold on, before starting any campaign as mentioned earlier we mutually agree on certain set goals for each project. The beauty of our project model is that we take all the responsibility in regards to performance while you just coordinate with the client.

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Why choose Outsource SEM?

We provide digital marketing services. Our aim is to provide customer satisfaction by improving ROAS through our result driven approach. The Google certified experts follow tried and tested methods which helps to achieve high quality of work.

PPC Services

The Ad campaigns are managed by us. We are Google premier partner and Bing partner. The experts here are well equipped in handling the ad campaigns

SEO Services

We will make your website get to the top of rankings on the SERP. Keyword research is done by our Google certified experts keeping in mind the website and the content of it.


The progress of PPC and SEO campaigns can be analyzed through these reports. The reports of web traffic will help you in tackling your competitors. You can make changes to your website accordingly.

Web Development Services

A website represents your business and speaks about what you offer. A good website takes you ahead of competitors. To design and develop a website, you need a creative team, which we at Outsource SEM provide.

Our Clients

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We manage and strategize digital campaigns which helps in business growth for clients.
We are Google Premier Partner and Bing Partner.

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  • It has been an amazing experience working with Outsource SEM and the quality of work it provides. I am looking forward in using their services and also recommend anyone looking for white label SEO resellers.

    ~ John Smith
  • After searching long for white label PPC reseller that could really improve my business, I finally came across Outsource SEM. I am very grateful to them for providing such a great service. I highly recommend Outsource SEM to anyone, they are worth every dollar spent.

    ~ Robert Brown
  • Outsource SEM has a great team for Search Engine Optimisation. They are very professional and quick in responding to our queries. We would certainly like to recommend their white label SEO services.

    ~ Josh Mathew
  • I wanted to take a minute to thank Outsource SEM Team; they are EXTREMELY knowledgeable and proficient in all aspects of PPC and SEO. Their insights have helped us develop clear PPC and SEO strategy and in retaining our current satisfied clients. We would highly recommend their white label PPC reseller program to any agency.

    ~ Luke Harden
  • In the past we have worked with so called “Industry Experts and Ninjas” but were never satisfied. In the short time we have worked with Outsource SEM, the results have been fascinating. We cant speak highly enough, their work has been outstanding. They have an extremely professional team, I would happily recommend their Outsource SEO Program for digital agencies.

    ~ Scott White