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Web analytics is one of the most important tools in digital marketing that helps you, determine the position of potential customers, understand what people are searching for on your site, so that you can lower your costs and increase traffic on your website. In addition to this, the web analytics tool also helps you create customized reports that suit your website. Web analytics is not just counting of website visitors and number of page views but it also requires an understanding by analyzing the data provided. There are various analytical tools in the market with their own specialized advantages and features. Outsource SEM with its specialized certification and experience in web analytics is one of the best service providers with niche capabilities.

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How We Approach Analytics

Setting key performance indicators (KPI’s)

Setting up the right KPI is very important for the overall campaign performance. Outsource SEM works with you to set key performance indicators, which are relevant to your business objectives. These KPI’s include the actions you want your online visitors to take and its final outcome. We help you make the right choices to improve your marketing efforts.

Analyzing and adding ad tracking code

Outsource SEM analysis the visitor funnel path that includes the entry and exit pages using customized reports. We also provide insights on top performing Ads, landing pages etc. Implementation and testing of the analytics code is a very crucial part of campaign management to ensure smooth tracking of user behavior on the website.

Monthly reporting

Our monthly reports help your managers keep an eye on the website performance for both paid and organic visits. Our team of specialists creates custom reports by integrating data from various generic reports through which you can draw conclusions to improve the performance.

Website optimization and testing

You need to have your website tested regularly to know which segment requires optimization. Outsource SEM uses the Google analytics tool to check if the initial goals set are being met. On the basis of this test report the website is optimized.

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Campaign Reports

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Revenue Report

Revenue generation is one of the prime motive of any ad campaign. The customized reports given here will help you keep a track of impressions, clicks and CTR along with the revenue gained through each of them. The evaluation of data is on weekly basis. It will assist you in taking appropriate decisions for the upcoming ad campaigns. The required changes can be done to improve the revenue in future.

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Weekly and Monthly Report

The reports are created for weeks and months separately with respect to present and last year. It gives a complete analysis of the revenue, cost and the conversion rate. The upward and downward curves represented here with different vibrant colors will guide you in doing comparison of factors related to ad campaigns on a consistent basis. It will give you clear and overall perspective of ad campaign.

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Miscellaneous Charts

The change in the percentage of revenue and spend is explained here. The charts contain details of campaign performance on mobile and desktop with a holistic analysis. It also shows on which device the campaign is getting better results. Branded and non-branded campaigns have different results based upon keywords. It is important to check both the campaigns and this can be easily done through this chart.

  • Web Traffic Analysis
  • Content Analysis
  • Call Tracking Reports
  • Outsourcing Analytics
  • Web Traffic Analysis

    We create reports to analyze your web traffic and assist you in understanding about the performing keywords, conversion metrics and aspects related to customer behavior. The different types of reports will provide you an overall solution of your business queries. We make various sections in a report on the basis of paid search, organic traffic, social media traffic, direct and referral traffic. These are explained in a smooth and seamless manner with appropriate graphs and bar charts. A colorful representation of figures will help you keep a constant check on the areas where you are going ahead and lagging behind. The reports related to web traffic can make you equipped in tackling your competitors. The organic traffic is based on title, meta description, keywords and other components.

    We analyze this organic traffic that will guide you in making the required changes on your website. The bounce rate percentage will tell you about the number of visitors who navigated away after visiting a page. The analytics report of paid search data will give you a perfect picture on the optimization of pages which are working well in combination with any search engine marketing campaign that is being run on a particular platform. Referral traffic data can help you know the external sources of the website visited by the customers. Now a days, the first impression of any visit is generally found on the social media which makes it very essential. Hence, information about all types of data related to traffic will surely take you ahead in this highly competitive world.

  • Content Analysis

    Analyzing content on the web pages are important for determining the success of any website. We create reports on the data based upon page views and conversion. It gives a clear understanding of the performance related to content. You can take appropriate measures and make changes to your pages accordingly. It is very essential to keep the user engaged on the website and our reports will guide you in doing exactly the same. We live in a global world and everyone is closely attached, this is where the customer demographic data comes in handy as it tells you about the location of users. 

    Targeting customers will be easier with the demographic reports and tailor made content can be created for them. Top quality content should always be a priority. With the new algorithm updates regularly coming up from Google, the website with unique content gets ranked higher. ‘What you think and what you say’ can sound different if the content is not good. Users will only remain interested till the time they find useful information on the website. We will be providing you all the latest figures associated with the engagement of user’s. The reports related to content will have all the relevant data at a single place which will ease your work significantly.

  • Call Tracking Reports

    AvidTrak, ServiceTitan and CallCap are some of the famous tools which we use that gives a comprehensive coverage of every detail related to call tracking and analytics. You can leverage your business through the data provided by these tools. They give instant information of any leads which can assist you in increasing sales. The call tracking methods used here are highly advanced. You will always stay updated about the activities related to your customers. Revenue plays a crucial role in any type of business and we understand that experts are already there for it in any agency but we will guide you in making things better by giving a complete bird’s eye view, where you can observe revenue data of days, weeks and months at single place. Call reports will help you in taking decisions related to allocation of budget.

    Your return on investment will easily improve. We also utilize these tools in such a manner that it will help you in gaining significant advantage over your competitors. The tool helps to build up a database of customers with preferences and likes related to them. Call tracking through these apps provides accurate information about the geographical location of customers. With help of these tools, separate results of call conversions and online conversions are easily prepared which would also be visible in the reports. We combine all the relevant data that is acquired from these tools and then create a full-fledged report. Your marketing investment decision will become more accurate and you can launch your next business strategy comfortably. 

  • Outsourcing Analytics

    Data analytics outsourcing has several benefits. First and foremost you save cost, this can help you in doing better investment of that money into other sections of your organization. The expertise provided by us in data analytics will boost your work rapidly. We have a team of Google Analytics certified experts who will be super sharp and quick in providing all the reports related to analytics. You can take important management decisions on the basis of these reports. While we take care of analytics, your managing team and executives can look after other works of the company. Outsourcing analytics will reduce your pay roll burden. We meet deadlines and do the assigned work timely with cost effectiveness. 

    We constantly strive to improve the quality of our work by preventing errors and ensuring on-time delivery of projects. Our analytics team goes under constant training to achieve better results. Your company can save time, money and effort by outsourcing the work to us. Analytics can be a bit complicated for those who are not familiar with it but here our analytics expert simplify the data and present it in an uncomplicated manner. We also keep a close check on every minute detail possible. We are always there for help in case of any type of query and take minimal time in solving it. You can keep your analytics worries aside and give all the work load to us, we will make sure that the results delivered are impactful in every manner.

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