How We Approach Analytics

Setting key performance indicators (KPI’s)

Setting up the right KPI is very important for the overall campaign performance. Outsource SEM works with you to set key performance indicators, which are relevant to your business objectives. These KPI’s include the actions you want your online visitors to take and its final outcome. We help you make the right choices to improve your marketing efforts.

Analyzing and adding ad tracking code

Outsource SEM analysis the visitor funnel path that includes the entry and exit pages using customized reports. We also provide insights on top performing Ads, landing pages etc. Implementation and testing of the analytics code is a very crucial part of campaign management to ensure smooth tracking of user behavior on the website.

Monthly reporting

Our monthly reports help your managers keep an eye on the website performance for both paid and organic visits. Our team of specialists creates custom reports by integrating data from various generic reports through which you can draw conclusions to improve the performance.

Website optimization and testing

You need to have your website tested regularly to know which segment requires optimization. Outsource SEM uses the Google analytics tool to check if the initial goals set are being met. On the basis of this test report the website is optimized.

Web Analytics Services

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Web analytics is one of the most important tools in digital marketing that helps you, determine the position of potential customers, understand what people are searching for on your site, so that you can lower your costs and increase traffic on your website. In addition to this, the web analytics tool also helps you create customized reports that suit your website. Web analytics is not just counting of website visitors and number of page views but it also requires an understanding by analyzing the data provided. There are various analytical tools in the market with their own specialized advantages and features. Outsource SEM with its specialized certification and experience in web analytics is one of the best service providers with niche capabilities.

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