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Uplift your Business Growth with White Label Reports

Numbers speak for themselves, get an accurate data analysis of your campaign by using our White Label Reporting Services.

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White Label PPC & SEO Reporting Services

White Label Reports – Outsource PPC & SEO Reports

Reporting is a mandatory part of any campaign. It helps in sharing of data and analysing its various parts. Also, you get to know where you stand after working so hard and where you need to be. It becomes more important when work is outsourced. To get a proper idea on work progress, service providers give well described progress report. Here, reports are generated differently based on the type of campaigns. It can be a report related to PPC or SEO campaign. PPC reports help you to identify the increase in traffic, conversions and other relevant metrics. While, SEO reports specifies you about different keywords for which you are ranking and how you can improve further by analysing data.

Outsource PPC & SEO Reports

Nature of Reports

  • Web Traffic Reports
  • Call Tracking Reports
  • Organic Traffic Trend
  • Ranking Report
report device segmentation

Device Segmentation

It is advisable to perform segmentation by device to understand about campaign performance across different devices. It gives information on the device that works better for any ad campaign through segmenting, we can prioritize them accordingly. Through Google Ads, one can target mobile, desktop and tablet. And, you can compare CTR, CPC, impressions across these devices. It will help you to invest and target particular device more efficiently on performance basis.

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Campaign Segmentation


The reports of brand are created separately. It explains about Ads with branded keywords. It also helps you get an in depth analysis on how the Ads with your brand name have worked. PPC campaign brand reports tells about how users are getting associated with the brand name. The brand value has major impact on clicks and impression.

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Campaign Segmentation

Non Brand

The report comprising of non-branded keywords are those which are not related with brand and more on popular keywords of specified products and services. It is essential to note that non-branded keywords helps in reaching new customers. It’s quite helpful for small businesses in order to create brand awareness.

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Outsourcing Reports

We have a team of Google certified professionals who are fast enough in presenting all types of complex reports in a simple and lucid manner. These reports will be easily understandable & you can take important managerial decision on the basis of it. We always keep in mind to provide error-free report on time. Outsource SEM always help their clients by creating PPC and SEO reports efficiently. Sit back and keep your stress aside by giving work load to us, we will make sure that reports delivered will be highly impactful in every way.

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Campaign Reports

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Revenue Report

Revenue generation is one of the prime motive of any ad campaign. The customized reports given here will help you keep a track of impressions, clicks and CTR along with the revenue gained through each of them. The evaluation of data is on weekly basis. It will assist you in taking appropriate decisions for the upcoming ad campaigns. The required changes can be done to improve the revenue in future.

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Weekly and Monthly Report

These periodic reports are created for weekly and monthly in respect to present and last year. It gives a complete analysis of the revenue, cost and the conversion rate. The upward and downward curves represented here with different vibrant colors will guide you in doing comparison of factors related to ad campaigns on a consistent basis. It will give you clear and overall perspective of ad campaign.

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Miscellaneous Charts

The change in the percentage of revenue and spend is explained here. The charts contain details of campaign performance on mobile and desktop with a holistic analysis. It also shows on which device the campaign is getting better results. Branded and non-branded campaigns have different results based on keywords. It is important to check both the campaigns and this can be easily done through this chart.

Components of Reports


The data here tells about the clicks by users and further it can be used for creating strategy to increase visitors.


It tells about how many times website was seen on search engine results & this data can be used for improving views.


It conveys about the advertising budget set for the campaign. This can be adjusted for better output.

Converted clicks

The numbers here convey clicks which got converted into purchase, enquiry or subscriptions within a time period.


It tells about the performance of your ads. It is calculated on number of times Ad got clicked compared to the views.


The data given here represents the cost you had to pay for a click. This is a crucial data for any type of campaign.


The number here tells the growth or the profit your business is achieving from campaigns as per the investment done.


The data here depicts about the cost you had to pay from start of the campaign till the time customer got converted.

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