Everything is good with your PPC campaign, still not getting the conversions? Dedicated and good looking landing pages are very important to attract customers and increase your ROI. Landing page is irrefutable part of online marketing strategy and if it is not properly designed you are just throwing money into river of no returns. However, there is no magical stick that will create a perfect landing page for you but there are some amazing tips that can help you construct the winning ones.

In PPC, it is more important because you pay for every click. Therefore, I’m sharing these amazing tips with you that will help you increase your conversions exponentially.

landingpage optimization tips infographics

1. How to Highlight USP - Before you start any marketing campaign, you should have the ability to find the points that make your product different from your competitors. All these points should be highlighted in a succulent way on your landing page. It should explain why your visitors should buy your product or take your service.

For e.g. – An air conditioning and heating company has this USP – 24 Hour HVAC Service

USP is basically divided into four page elements –

a) Main Headline – The example above can be a best illustration of a perfect headline. The main headline is the first thing that people will often look for. It’s very important that your main headline clearly explains the goal of your page.

b) Sub headline – It’s better to keep your headlines short and simple and add a supporting headline that is either an extension to primary headline or it follows the primary headline in such a way that it’s like a finishing sentence.

Sub headline

c) Reinforcement statement – When people scan through your web page, your headlines and title is something which stands out in the crowd.
Reinforcement statement is basically a title somewhere in the mid of your page which serves a mid-experience message that you want to communicate.

d) Inclosing – When your landing page comes to a close, you have one final chance to communicate the benefit of your offering.

If you have a very short webpage this is not required as the title headlines will be visible.

2. Consistent Landing Page Headline and Ad Copies – Make sure the content you are talking about in your ad copies are relevant to landing page headline and complimenting each other. It is crucial to make trusted customers because when they trust you, they are more likely to convert. Furthermore, send traffic to a relevant and targeted page instead of home page because a good landing page directly delivers the relevant content to the visitors.

3. Attractive, Clean and Simple Landing Page Template Design – Visitors are more likely to convert when they are able to easily navigate through the landing page and able to understand what product or services you are offering. Try to create attractive landing page by using complementary colours, relevant images, videos, bullet points, removing navigation, formatting etc. Do not add so much of unessential information or clutter. It may confuse visitors and they may leave your page without talking the desired action.

4. Quick Form – People don’t like to make much efforts in filling the form, they are very anxious. Reducing number of entry fields in the form can help you improve the conversion rate. Therefore, it is recommended to design short form and add only three to five fields maximum in the form.

5. Call To Action – Use strong call to action and place it above the fold. So that visitors could easily know where to go for the next step. And if your website has lead generation form, highlight it with directional cues, make it clean, simple and use an oversized contrasting buttons.

6. Load Time of Landing Page – It is very crucial to optimize load time of your landing page because slow website pages gives bad user experience. Here is one of our awesome articles which will help you understand how you can improve your website’s speed “Site Speed Affects Your Google Ranking”.

7. Mobile Friendly Landing Page – Now a days, most of the people use mobile for web activities. Therefore, it is not only crucial but it is compulsory to have mobile friendly website to increase your website’s conversion rate. It can help you double or even triple your conversion just make sure your landing page is good looking, fast loading and easily navigated on mobile devices.

8. Social Proof – Incorporating testimonials and other elements help you to build trust. It makes the visitors more comfortable with your website. Some of the examples of social proof are –

Customer testimonials, social signals, Awards from reputed organisations, customer reviews, count of your existing customers etc.

9. A/B Testing – Testing is very important step for landing page optimization. You can test two versions of a web page to find which one is performing better and getting more conversions for you. A/B Testing lets you find almost everything on your website that affects visitor behaviour including headlines, Sub headlines, Content, Call to Action Text or Button and Testimonials etc.

10. Endorsement – Endorsement is a good way to build trust and confidence in your target audience. It is one of the most powerful tool implemented for effective landing page. Add the logos of well-known brands you’ve worked with in the past on your page but of course with their approval.

Final words

You may implement the above mentioned optimization strategies for optimizing your landing page and create them high converting landing pages. After building your first landing page don’t overlook to test your site for different variations. Testing not only helps in increasing ROI but also helps in increasing conversion metrics. Don’t just create it and forget it, boost your page by digging into the areas where you find room for improvement. Good Luck!

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