For several years PPC is in mysterious area with numerous myths and beliefs surrounding it. Some of the old ppc tactics became outdated over time while some of them never existed from very beginning. In this article, we will discuss some of these myths, beliefs that ppc advertisers often considers it to be true.

PPC results happen right away –

It’s true that ppc is faster than other form of web marketing but this may not be true everytime. Your PPC campaign can bring you leads the same day you start your campaign or it won’t. Even if you have set up your campaign properly, there are lot of testing and strategies which needs to be applied. And all these process needs time to show results. Have patience, give time, plan out everything, experiment and know when to quit.

PPC can save my business from dying –

PPC has the ability to generate leads but it’s not a genie after all. Any form of marketing won’t work significantly if your campaign is going under or has been penalized by Google. In one of the examples I came across, the client was experiencing a Google penalty on the website. It was due to bad seo practice implemented by SEO service provider. Running a ppc campaign though helped them lift the performance up by 25%, but this business never recovered from the seo missteps and closed one month later. (Ref 3 Ways We Failed at B2B PPC)

Google Ads? It’s very expensive –

You feel this when you pay $ for running your ppc campaign as well as a good amount to the advertiser who is running it and you are still seeing no results. Running a ppc campaign may not be suitable for your business. Type of Marketing may vary from business to business. Always consult an expert before falling into such trap.

Enable only best performing ad –

Most of the advertisers thinks that enabling only one best performing ad in the adgroup improves campaign performance, but that’s not true. Rather than sticking to only one ad, it’s far better to perform ad testing with 2-3 ad in an adgroup.

Set it…forget it –

PPC campaign requires periodic monitoring and testing. You can’t let go of it once the campaign is set up, keywords are selected and adcopies are created. May be the keywords that you have selected are different than what your customers are searching for or your budget is getting exhausted before the month ends etc. This is the reason that most of the businesses outsource it to ppc companies or ppc experts who has expertise in continuous monitoring of the campaign.

PPC agency is there to drive traffic to your landing page only –

PPC agencies are there to help you not only in getting traffic but also to setup and manage your campaigns, provide you recommendations on site structure and optimizing your landing pages and many other things.

Why spend on ppc if I am already ranking high in organic search -

Having combined paid as well as organic campaign not only increases your space for SERP placements but also helps in increasing traffic and revenue to your website. PPC allows you to rank for broader range of keywords than organic search. Apart from this, some people skips the ads and look directly to organic ranks while there are some others who rely on paid ads more than organic ads.

Higher you bid on keywords, higher is the quality score -

Quality score basically depends on three factors CTR, Ad relevance & landing page experience. Increasing bids, can though help in improving your ad position to some extent but quality score is not based on your ad position or your spend.

Spend more and rank higher -

As mentioned above, increasing bids can help you rank higher to some extent but not completely. Quality score is one of the other factors on which Ad position depends. Please refer my article “Ad position & Ad rank” for more details.

Bing & Yahoo?...Nah!! -

Most of the advertisers thinks that Google is the only search engine worth advertising with. Actually, this is not always true. Though there is slight difference in their application, their goal is same, i.e. getting you leads/purchase/sale. For some, Google works out well while for others Bing or Yahoo performs better.

PPC? It’s too expensive –

PPC can be expensive if you don’t handle it properly. Google Ads has this functionality which allows you to set your monthly and daily budget. You won’t be able to spend more once it is set. Also a poorly managed campaign can cost you much more than it brings. It’s about how much you know about Google Ads and how smartly you can manage it.

PPC is not for small business –

Many people think that PPC is just for large business but that’s not true. Most of the small business have benefitted from PPC as it enabled them to focus on local customers. It can also be beneficial to those business owners who have just started their business and want instant results.

Final Words

Don’t just believe what you listen, read and learn more as much as you can. I would suggest to learn before you start also keep yourself updated on new features. Act smart with your ppc campaigns and surely you’ll get the best outcomes. Enjoy your ppc campaign ☺

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