Content can be defined as a piece of substantive information expressed through a medium but when we talk about great content it can’t be summarized in a single sentence. There is a lot of work which goes behind creating a content which is informative and has the power to gather attention of the audience. Creative Mind, Knowledge of the Subject, Proper Grammar and Precise Words are some of the key factors which a writer must possess in order to create a magnificent piece of content.

Content has the power of making a lot of difference. Online viewership of different types of content has brought a new revolution for writers. Now every piece of content can be viewed for many years. This means that content should now be published in a manner which is not only explanatory but also helpful for the readers.

Tips and tricks to write good content infographic

There are various tips and tricks which can be used by first time writers for writing content. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Clear Understanding of the Subject: Before writing about a particular topic, there should be a proper understanding of that subject. If the copywriter knows about the topic then there cannot be any hesitancy in building a summation of words quickly and correctly.

2. Proper Language: A nice in-depth knowledge of the language is the most essential factor when it comes to writing. It is often seen that a person speaks well but writes in an awful manner in a particular language which can be due to various reasons like mother tongue difference, personality and educational background. The knowledge about the language can be made better through regular reading of novels and magazines.

3. Creative Skills: Creativity is something which every person possesses but they seldom use it. In general day to day life also we come across people who have a very interesting way of illustrating a simple story. The same thing gets applied in writing where if you have that creativity of telling something unique in an interesting way you will be able to get good reviews for your writings. A write up which is creative helps in engaging the audience.

4. Be Simple and Accurate: Simplicity can never go out of fashion in writing. It cannot be assumed by a writer that every person who is reading the article has good knowledge of the language. It is important to write in simple language by avoiding jargons where even if a person doesn’t understand a few words can still get the overall context of the matter being explained. Accuracy is also essential because you cannot go out of context every now and then just to explain the subject. Yes, a bit of freedom can be taken in order to describe the content in an effective manner and make it more interesting.

5. Link sentences with one another: A content should not only be good but also have that fine touch and smoothness in it. It should always be having a story like feel where words and sentences should be stitched together with a strong connection with one another. A flow in writing is a must for any writer. This is where usage of words like ‘and’, ‘also’, ‘but’ are very important.

6. Avoid repetition of words: Repeating same words again and again can create a bit a hindrance when a reader is going through an article or a blog post. It can also create a sense of boredom and the reader might start feeling disconnected with the article. This is where a thesaurus can come in handy for use as it will help in adding similar words or synonyms in the content.

7. Start the article strongly: There is an old saying ‘First Impression is the Last Impression’ and this is why the first paragraph of the article holds importance. Correct choice of words in the introduction part can create a magical effect in mind of the readers. Interest level would increase due to this. A reader can get a clear view of contents present inside the article by reading the first paragraph and there is a strong chance that the reader might get hooked to the content and read it till the last word.

8. Conclude the topic in a precise manner: An article is always written with an intent to describe a topic completely and a proper conclusion is mandatory for it. Conclusion should contain various aspects of the topic with an independent view from the writer. There should not be any biasedness at all.

9. Read your write-up again and again: It is not necessary that you will be able to write an article at one go. On some days your mind might be able to write something extraordinary and on other days it would make things complex. By reading your article after every paragraph you can correct your mistakes in grammar and also add on anything which has been missed.

10. Edit it properly: Editing is the crucial part after completing your write-up. In editing you should keep a check on every aspect of writing. A lot of thought should be put in it. While editing, think like a reader and not for even once dither in removing a portion of your article which you feel might be a bit long or unnecessary. It is often said that the role of an editor is tougher than that of a writer. An editor can actually magnify the effect of any writing by making it proper in every way possible.

Writers often face different types of hurdles while writing an article. A content requires time and focus from your side. Even after giving your full effort, there can be a chance of an error creeping in. The common problems faced by writers are given below:

1. Lack of Ideas: Human thinking pattern is very complex. The emotions drive actions of a human being. If a person is in happy mood then he/she will think in a proper way and can generate new ideas. If the person is sad or depressed then a mental block creeps in which stops any new ideas from coming up. A writer should make sure that before writing any content his/her mind should be calm, composed and concentrated. It is always suggested that a writer should take breaks while writing.

2. Absence of Confidence: Confidence matters a lot in every field of work. A confident person reaches greater heights and achieves success. In writing as well, confidence is the key. A writer should always be sure and confident about the words he/she is writing and how it is going to help the readers. Some writers don’t have full confidence which creates a delay for them in completing an article and the content which they write is not of high quality.

3. Tackling Competitors: Online competition in writing has increased than before. Now a days, blogging is very common which gives every individual a complete freedom in publishing their articles with ease. Google Blogger services are a great platform to publish your blog posts. It is a bit difficult to mark your voice when already lot of people are present who rank well in the field of content writing. Competitors are there in every field but if you have the skill and talent you can easily come out on top. So, there is no need to worry about the competitors, just keep working hard on your skills.

4. Financial Problems: Writers complain about money problems and them not getting enough payment. This is not a major problem to worry about. It differs from individual to individual. One thing is for sure that if you have the talent and skill, you will be paid well. It is important to improve your quality as you gather experience which will ultimately increase your worth in monetary terms.

5. Being Isolated: Writers generally prefer to live in isolation as it provides them an environment in which they think better. In order to gather new thoughts, isolation sometimes works but too much of it can disturb your daily routine. You should be communicating with your friends and peers which will keep your mind fresh and active. It will also help you in getting new information from other people.

6. Criticism: Whenever a person does work which is seen by many, there is bound to be appreciation and criticism. There is no need to be scared or hide away from criticism. Keep in mind that reviews or opinions of the audience helps in making your work better in the future. You need to make sure that you do not indulge too much into criticism otherwise it will affect your work. It would not always be that whatever you do is liked by everyone. This is the fact of life.

7. Lack of Rest: Writing requires a good amount of time but doing too much of work in a single go can take a toll on your body. Proper sleep is very essential for a writer. It is also scientifically proven that taking rest helps in re-energizing yourself physically as well as mentally. 8 hours of sleep is recommended as it will increase your efficiency in writing.

8. Writing too quickly: There is a popular saying ‘Think before you speak’ and the same applies for writing. You should always think and then write. There are thousands of thoughts running through the mind at a time. A writer has to pick up the correct thought and then frame it in an innovative manner. So, writing in a hurry is never a good idea. If there is a deadline in which you have to submit an article, try to plan your writing and divide it into sub-parts. Start writing the part which you feel can be easy for you and then give emphasis on other parts.

9. Writing Long Articles: A writer has to be capable enough to write an article which is elaborative and contains various types of content compiled together. Some writers are very reluctant when they are given a task to write above 1000 or 2000 words. Vocabulary has to be good for writing lengthy articles and interest level in the topic is also important.

10. Technical Writing: A writer has to be skilled enough to write on different types of subjects and topics. A technical write up requires a bit of extra knowledge of technical terms. Technology has now become a part of everybody’s life and it is easier to gather information about it. Some writers are very confused while writing about any technical topic. It is not that complex as it seems. Researching on the internet by browsing appropriate websites generally helps in collecting useful information.

Role of Great Content in SEO and PPC:

In SEO, content matters a lot. Keywords are an important part for achieving better rankings in SEO but that is not the only thing. You also need to insert quality content which comprises of perfect grammar and appropriate language. Uniqueness is another factor which will help you in going up the rankings. With the introduction of new algorithms by Google, content which is unique gets more priority. So, you need to get your creative mind going in order to rank well in SEO.

In PPC, content with a good language and accurate grammar can easily help in making a campaign work well. Proper content improves relevancy of ads and the landing page. It also attracts the customers as they get accurate knowledge about the products and services. Now a days online viewers are smart and quick in decision making. So, Good Content has now become a necessity for PPC.

Final Thoughts:

Writers now a days have access to the online world. This makes it easier for them to gather knowledge from various websites about a particular topic. There is a lot of scope for a writer to improve. Many aspects of writing have been discussed above. Writing is something which comes naturally to many people but that doesn’t mean that others can’t write. A bit of attention and interest can make you an expert in writing.

A copywriter has the responsibility of creating a content which is awesome in every term. Some tips and tricks have already been mentioned above for creating a great piece of content. There is a just a thin line between being average and good. If you have the patience and proper thought process, you can write an excellent article or blog which can be of high importance for the readers.