Link building is the process of getting links from other websites to your own website and is one of the most challenging jobs for SEO managers. These links, also known as hyperlink, lets users navigate the pages on web. Building high-quality links boost your website to get better search engine placements, improves brand awareness, increases your website’s domain authority and brings more conversions. But it’s not an overnight process, it needs time and continuous efforts to show results.

More links to your website means more popularity but remember Google can penalize your website for low-quality or spammy links. If your website has good linking, search engines rank your website to show visitors when they search for the keywords relevant to your website because even Google considers link building as one of the important factors for seo. But, many people are not aware of the values that they can create through link building and therefore they underestimate this technique. So, firstly we will discuss the structure, how links are created because it is crucial to understand the basics before proceeding to advanced level. Below it has been explained for you.

linkbuilding structure

There are different types of Link Building based on your goals. Some of them are mentioned below -

1. Traffic Generating Links – This type of links are not necessarily useful in improving your website’s ranking for specific keywords but it is actually used for exposing your website on high traffic pages, so that your website could get more visits from the website you are linked with. It can be either in the form of text links, banner ads, blog comments, social mentions, forum posts, popular directories, and many more.

2. SERP Elevating Links – This type of link building is used to get the dofollow links on relevant pages using your keyword phrase as anchor text. Make sure that you are using those keywords in hyperlinks to increase value. There are different ways to get a worthy SERP Elevating links such as directory submissions, blog commenting on relevant dofollow blogs, guest blog posting, forum signatures, article marketing and organic links from relevant pages.

3. PageRank Boosting Links – This type of link buildings has a great role in SEO strategy development that helps you to boost your search results positioning for specific keywords. This is easy and good way to boost your PageRank.

4. Reputation Building Links – You can easily manage your online authority and online reputation through reputation building links. They are anchored with your brand name or company name so that more people could know about your company. This will increase your company’s online branding. Links are built on main website as well as to your social profiles, blogs, and other affiliations that conveys optimistic information about you.

5. Backlinks for your Backlinks – This is other smarter way of improving your search engine rankings. If you start building links for websites that has given you links, your rankings will automatically get affected. You can do this by social bookmarking, guest posting etc. Moreover, you can social bookmark a page once you have linked to. In this way, you can keep track of your related links. Social bookmarking notifies search crawlers about the latest update. This way your link gets cached quickly.

Below are the best seo techniques that you may follow for link building -

link building technique infographics

Guest Blogging – Guest blogging is a SEO technique where someone writes and publishes a blog post on a third party website to promote their brand. It exposes your brand to relevant audience and can be an effective method to generate awareness. Refer our amazing blog on “SEO Benefits of Guest Blogging”.

Blog Commenting – Blog commenting is very helpful in link building. One of the reasons for your site not getting enough traffic is authority from search engines. Commenting on others blog, gives you a backlink which indirectly helps you in getting more traffic to your website.

Forum – Do follow forums are very helpful in increasing the number of backlinks to your website. Link juice from a high authority forum can be very helpful. Being active on a niche forum not only helps you get quality links but also good traffic to your website.

Infographic – Long gone are those days, when people used to build links by just stuffing keywords in the content. Now search engines look for high quality content that are fresh and unique and adding infographic embellishes your content. When you post an infographic to others website, they link back to your site and if your infographic is appealing, visitors will click on it and visit your website. This helps in increasing traffic as well.

Directory Submission – It is one of the most useful and easy method for link building. Directory Submission to top directories gives online exposure and visibility to your website. Moreover, your website will be easily indexed on search engines and get highly targeted traffic.

Social Bookmarking – It is most important for those who want to promote their website and promotion these days is very important. You can place your webpages on well-known and popular bookmarking sites and don’t forget to tag the keywords. These sites directs visitors to your website when they search for relevant keywords. Thus, it helps you get huge amount of traffic, improve website’s authority and passes the link juice to your website.

Broken Link Building – It is the process of finding broken links on the website, where the broken links are dead-links that directs to a file that is no longer available on World Wide Web. They are bad for the user experience and thus not good from an SEO viewpoint. You may refer “Ultimate Guide to Broken Links” for insights into broken links

Final words

Link building can either be done in right way or wrong way. And if you choose the wrong one you will be penalized by Google. Remember, quality is more important than the quantity of links. Hence, create links that look natural and try the above mentioned techniques for link building. It’ll surely help you improve your brand awareness and boost your search rankings. Keep yourself updated on link building best practices and Enjoy link building!

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