Exit intent pop-up is popularly growing in e-commerce world and is one of new online marketing strategy that allows you to make one last effort to convert your visitors into customers. Exit intent pop-up is a pop-up message that triggers on the screen when visitors are about to navigate away from your website.

It uses JavaScript and web browser to track the movement of mouse and if it detects that the visitor is leaving the site without making the desired action, the popup gets displayed. It usually consist of an offer, message or call to action explaining why they should not leave their website.

Pop-ups are of two types, entry popups and exit popups. Not sure whether to use entry or exit popups? It’s very easy to choose, just put yourself in your visitor’s shoe and you’ll find that exit pop-ups are far better than entry pop-ups. Because exit pop-ups are least annoying, least interruptive and unlike entry pop-ups, they don’t interrupt your visitor while they are trying to browse your site.

Now a days almost every website has some kind of pop-ups but before moving ahead and implementing it on your website, you must know the reasons for which it is used.

Reasons to Use Exit Intent Pop-ups

You can double your chances at a sale
Increased conversion rates
You can reduce cart abandonment rate
Boost your social following
Get feedback, ratings and reviews to your product
Get users to subscribe to your newsletter
Promote new/popular products

an awesome guide to exit intent pop ups infographics

Best Tools for Creating Exit Intent Pop-ups

1. Optimonk This tool offers free trial of 14 days and is very powerful tool used for onsite retargeting. This tool uses exit intent technology and a pop-up message is displayed on the screen at the exact moment when visitor is about to leave your website. Thus, it helps you grab the attention of your visitors by providing special offers to convert them.
You can create different messages for different customers according to the requirement such as new or returning visitor, geo targeting visitor, page level targeting, engagement based targeting, campaign based targeting and much more.


2. OptinMonster It is a premium lead generation app that allows you to quickly and easily built opt-in forms, perform A/B testing, and track your opt-in analytics. The best part of this app is that you don’t have to worry about interrupting your visitors while they are navigating through your website because this app works on mouse movement.
It is easy to create professional looking pop-up forms with this app without spending much time and optimize for conversions as well.


3. Privy Privy is an awesome tool used for creating exit intent pop-ups that helps in converting traffic into stunning marketing campaign. It is super easy to set up with this tool and grow your business. Most importantly they offer free plan and paid plan as well.


4. Picreel This plugin lets you track the movement of traffic on your website. This plugin is used to reduce bounce rate of a website by converting visitors into targeted leads. It serve best offers to visitors when they are about to leave or you may also create your own design templates and offers. This plugin offer 30 days free trial.


5. Omniconvert This is a great tool that offers a wide number of banners to be triggered on exit intent. Moreover, you can add dynamic text to your banner and make them more relevant for visitors. It offers special feature of running two different overlays at the same time for same audience and you can generate fully customizable report just in few seconds. This tool is also used for A/B testing and on-site survey that helps to improve conversion rates.


6. GetSiteControl This tool is available at free plan but with limited features. With this tool you can create exit pop-ups and customize widgets for unique professional look. It lets you optimize for conversions as well by offering A/B testing for several versions of the same widget.


Final words

Exit intent pop-up is a great way if you are watching to optimize for conversions and maximize your ROI. This will help you create new online marketing strategy for more improved results. But do not spam your user, offer actual beneficial value. Get started with this awesome technique and recover all your leaving visitors. All the best!