Ads Auction Insight Report is a very essential feature that helps in handling competitors on Google Ads. The insight reports in ads auction provides significant knowledge about the performance of competitors in your concerned industry. Auction insight contains different components such as impression share, average position, overlap rate and position above rate.

Step 1: Log on to Google Ads and go to the campaign section of your account.

setup account

Step 2: Select the campaign and you will get ad groups list.

click on auction insight

Step 3: Just beside Ad Groups list, you will see auction insight report tab.

just beside ad group

Step 4: Click on auction insight report tab and you will see all the detailed analysis.

click on auction insight

There is a lot of information available in ads auction insight report which can be used for assessing and analyzing your future ad campaigns. Let’s discuss each of its feature in detail:

1. Average Position: If you see this column, you will easily get to know the average ranking of the selected domain with the time period. The meaning of average position is average rank of the ad in an auction.

2. Impression Share: It represents the time duration for which the ads have appeared on the search result when they were eligible for impression. It is based upon certain factors such as bids, quality score and approval status.

3. Position above Rate: All the details are given here about how many times competitor’s ad was shown on a rank higher than your ad. For e.g. If one of the other advertiser in your auction insight report is showing 8%, then this means that the other advertisers ad were shown at a position above yours, 8 out of 10 times.

4. Overlap Rate: It showcases how often your competitor’s ad was shown. For e.g. If one of the participant in your ads auction report is showing 50%.This means that your ad was shown 5 out of 10 times when another advertiser ad was shown at same time.

5. Top of Page Rate: It gives proper illustration of how often the ad was shown on position one. For e.g. If an advertiser had 100 impressions, out of which 30 impressions appeared on the positions above the organic search result, then 30% will be the top of page rate.

ads auction infographic

Ads Auction insight report gives you a sneak peek in to the competitors ad. You can get some accurate tips on how things can be improved. There are various advantages of using this feature. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Check your competition: The obvious benefit is keeping track of your competitors. If you see competitors are getting more successful, it is important to check on their ad copies. Also, check on the structure of their landing page and how they are improvising it.

2. Discover new competitors: There are numerous competitors in the market. It will help you gain knowledge about those competitors who were previously unknown and were in the same auction for your terms. Basically, they are your new competitors.

3. Estimating budget of competitors: The budget of competitors can be estimated easily through the ad auction insight report. It can be explained through this example: If your impression share is 40% and that of another competitor is 65%, then an estimate can be made that they are spending 50% more than you.

4. Understanding strategy at device level: The device break down is very beneficial as it helps in looking upon the performance of the various devices at the same time. For e.g. if your competitors have a high impression share and top page rate, you can have a simple solution to this by decreasing bids and reinvesting in less competitive areas.

5. Day Wise Analysis: This analysis helps in knowing about how other competitors are managing their budget. Whenever there is less competition, you can take advantage of it. There can be a case of competition being higher during night hour and less during day. Less competition is associated with low CPC’s.

6. Day of the Week Analysis: You will get an in-depth analysis here, which will help you understand about the different strategies competitors are having for different days in a week. The analysis of these strategies can be done easily. For e.g. If the competitors invest more on Tuesday, you can increase your bids on other days of the week.

7. Monthly Analysis: The reports here will give you a vast picture of the competitors and you will get to know when they paused/started their Ads. You can also know about how a new competitor can affect your CPA.

Ads Auction Insight Report also has certain disadvantages. Some of these disadvantages have been discussed below:

1. No indication of keyword: Once the report is run, you can see that the there is no reference to the campaign or ad group after its downloaded. Make sure you keep a note of the bids adjustment.

2. Available only on enough traffic: The insight report is available only if the clicks and impressions are more. If you are gathering enough traffic on keyword by keyword basis, reports would be visible on it.

There are certain tips and tricks which can be used for using ads auction insight report tool. Some of them are given below.

1. Avoid Overpaying Google: If you are at no.1 position and none of your competitors are close to you, then you can slow down the bidding of your keywords. This will save you money. Remember as you slow your bidding, keep checking your position as well.

2. Avoid Underbidding: Missing impression can now be immediately recognized. Before, it was only available at ad group level. Now what you can do is bid on keywords instead of focusing on the whole ad group.


Ads Auction Insight Report can guide you in taking better decisions across all your search activity. It can also help you in optimizing your campaign and create strategy by understanding the behavior of competitors. The investment and keywords strategy will depend upon the industry of your business and the insights related to it.

The biggest benefit of this tool is that you can check results quite often and be ready to take action whenever required. You can view the changes related to your performance in real time and analyze your competitors accordingly.

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