SEO for Beginners: Which is Better for SEO – Http or Https

Back in 2014, Google announced that there are various performance benefits of using https. Since then most of the companies are in dilemma that whether switching is right for their company or not. If yes then how to make the switch? Is it going to affect my SEO... Read more

SEO for Beginners: Ultimate Guide to Broken Links

If you are performing SEO audit, then it's very important for you to understand what broken links are? And how they can harm your website? Let’s start with the definition, broken links are dead-links that directs to a file that is no longer available on World Wide Web... Read more

PPC for Beginners: Complete Guide to Google Ads Geo Targeting

Geo-targeting is a tactic which allows your ads to appear in those geographic location where you'll find the right customers, and restrict it in the areas where you don't – this will help your return on investment (ROI) to grow. We can also say that, geo-targeting is important if... Read more

SEO for Beginners: How to Perform the Ultimate SEO Audit

Whether you are planning to do SEO for new or existing website, SEO audit is very crucial step for optimizing your website. It helps you identify existing problems and gaps in site optimization. Wondering how to perform seo audit? What are best tools that you can use?... Read more

PPC for Beginners: How to do Ad Scheduling in Google Ads

Ad Scheduling is also known as “day-parting.” It is one of the most important features of Google Ads, which lets you schedule your campaign ads for specific hours of a day or days of a week. So that you could reach out your potential customers at the right time... Read more

PPC for Beginners: Guide to Benefits and Strategies of Google Ads Negative Keywords

Negative keywords lets you exclude certain terms for which you don’t want your ads to be shown. Better ad targeting can put your ad in front of interested users and increase your ROI. This feature helps you focus only on keywords that matters to your customers... Read more

PPC for Beginners: Complete Guide to Google Ads Remarketing

Remarketing is also known as retargeting, a constructive way to establish a relevant network with visitors on your website. It is most effective for targeting those viewers or visitors who’ve already visited your website or have used your mobile app. Remarketing gives you... Read more

PPC for Beginners: Ultimate Guide to Google Ads Expanded Text Ads

Google has recently hurled expanded text ads which is twice long as the present text ads which helps you describe your ads more specifically even before customer clicks on it. Google Ads has made immense modification in text ads after 15 years... Read more

PPC for Beginners: How to Improve Your Ad Position & Ad Rank in Google Ads

Ad position is the order in which your ad shows up on a SERP. Suppose you have an Ad position 1, then it means that your ad is the first ad to be displayed on a SERP. Having better ad position can have a great impact on result of your ppc campaign... Read more

PPC for Beginners: How to Decide Google Ads Budget for Your Campaign

Launching a new campaign and not sure of the budget? Whether you have to set initial budget or you have to allocate spend across keywords and campaign types, we will help you get through the entire decision making process... Read more

PPC for Beginners: Guide to Google Ads Campaign Settings

Google Ads Campaign settings builds the base of your campaign. Without a strong base, you may fail to stand for a long time even with best keywords, ad copy, and landing pages.Hence, planning and rightly setting up the Google Ads campaign is very important for a PPC Company... Read more

PPC for Beginners: Tips to  Improve Your CTR with New Google Ads Extension

Soon after the announcement of Price extensions, Google has now come up with Message Extensions for mobile ads. It allows you to book an appointment, get a quote, or request a service directly from SERP. This is another very good option to increase your CTR... Read more

PPC for Beginners: Complete Guide to Google Ads Campaign Types

Advertising is very important factor to your business strategy. Nowadays advertisement has a treasure trove of benefits to help you grow your business. Is your online presence weak or non-existent? Get better results with Google Ads... Read more

PPC for Beginners: How and When can we use Google Ads Dimension

You might be wondering what’s so awesome about dimensions tab. Well…let me tell you all about it. Dimension tab helps you slice and dice your entire data by dimension of your choice and view total statistics by month, hour, geographic location etc... Read more

Domain Authority: Tips & Tricks to Improve Your Website's Ranking

Have you ever wondered what are the factors that help your website rank? There is no need to be an Einstein for this. Focus on some of the crucial points, it is very important to understand domain authority as it is one of the most essential factor for SEO... Read more

PPC for Beginners: How and When can we use Google Ads Segments

Do you sometimes feel paralyzed while analyzing the volume of data in your campaign? And even after spending a lot of time you are left empty handed without the real culprit of your campaign. That’s where Google Ads Segments comes for your rescue... Read more

Beginners Guide to: Conversion Rate Optimization

If you want to learn CRO, it doesn't take a genius. But everyone has to start from somewhere. We hear this word most frequently, but do you know how can we actually rank higher in the search engines? CRO isn’t that tough. Some people conclude that it takes years of research... Read more

PPC for Beginners: Learn Google Ads Ad Extensions

Want to make your ads more appealing? Start using ad extensions and give your ads more prominence on SERP. Ad extensions not only helps in improving CTR but also reduces your CPC. In this article we will be discussing in detail each of the ad extensions and when... Read more

PPC for Beginners: How to Write Effective Google Ads Ad

You don’t have to be super-creative for writing an eye-catching adcopy. All you need to do is to follow certain approach. There are many poignant parts in pay per click advertising but adcopy is one of the most important part through which you make that first impression on your... Read more

Benefits of: Outsourcing SEO and PPC

Online marketing including PPC, SEO, digital analytics, SMO/SMM etc. are only becoming more complexed, refined and advanced. Also keeping up with the pace of change is another challenge that companies face – skill/domain expertise... Read more