PPC for Beginners: What is White Label PPC & Why are Advertising Agencies Using it?

White label can be defined as “when a product or service is manufactured and produced by one company but it is rebranded by another company. The brand of the original company remains intact on the product or service”. In PPC when any type of work is outsourced there are agencies which provide... Read more

Published 18th September 2018

PPC for Beginners: Top Mistakes to Avoid While Creating AdWords Expanded Text Ads

Ad copy is a major component of Google AdWords. Copywriting is a technique as well as an art to convey your advertisement message to customers in a most meaningful and attractive way, so that it increases views and clicks on your ads and website which also gives you... Read more

Published 21st August 2018

PPC for Beginners: Ultimate Guide On How to Create Great Content

Content can be defined as a piece of substantive information expressed through a medium but when we talk about Great Content it can’t be summarized in a single sentence. There is a lot of work which goes behind creating a content which is informative and has the power to gather... Read more

Published 21st August 2018

PPC for Beginners: Guide to PPC Advertising

PPC stands for pay per click. It’s a digital advertising model where advertisers pay a fee each time their ads are clicked. Google AdWords is the most popular platform for PPC ads.It provides you a number of keywords matching option which helps you in targeting the right set of audience ... Read more

Published 28th June 2018

SEO for Beginners: An Amazing Guide To Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free of cost service that helps you maintain and evaluate performance of the website. It is now also known as Google Search Console. This tool acts as a gateway in a two-way communication with Google. It can check the indexing status and optimize visibility... Read more

Published 22nd June 2018

PPC for Beginners: Complete Guide To Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool

Keywords are words that form a part of visitor’s intent while searching for the information on search engine. Google keyword planner tool might sound a bit complicated but it is very simple to operate.It is actually a better version of the Google keyword tool and completely free to use... Read more

Published 30th March 2018

PPC for Beginners: An Amazing Guide to AdWords Conversion Tracking

Conversions in AdWords means that an ad is viewed and there after an action is taken by the viewer which is profitable for business. For e.g. If there is a blog and you want that people should subscribe it. An ad is posted for this purpose. A person clicks on the ad and subscribes instantly... Read more

Published 21st March 2018

PPC for Beginners: Guide to the Effects of Click Through Rate on Google AdWords Quality Score

Quality Score is determined through many factors but one of the important factor is click through rate. Google always lays emphasis on click through rate for quality score. We should first know the fundamentals related to click through rate and quality score before getting into details... Read more

Published 16th March 2018

SEO for Beginners: An Awesome Guide to Exit Intent Pop-ups

Exit intent pop-up is popularly growing in e-commerce world and is one of new online marketing strategy that allows you to make one last effort to convert your visitors into customers. Exit intent pop-up is a pop-up message that triggers on the screen when visitors... Read more

Published 8th September 2017

SEO for Beginners: Ultimate Guide to On Page and Off Page SEO

Search engine optimization is an approach to create your website more attractive and effective, to help them rank higher on search engine result pages and gain more relevant traffic. Optimization techniques are classified into two parts i.e. On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. You can’t ignore... Read more

Published 25th August 2017

Analytics for Beginners: How to Reduce Bounce Rate of Any Website

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors to a particular website who navigate away from the site after viewing only one page. It is considered as one of the most important factor for the success of a website. Reducing website’s bounce rate helps in improving Google ranking... Read more

Published 24th July 2017

PPC for Beginners: Ultimate Guide to Landing Page Optimization

Everything is good with your PPC campaign, still not getting the conversions? Dedicated and good looking landing pages are very important to attract customers and increase your ROI. Landing page is irrefutable part of online marketing strategy... Read more

Published 20th July 2017